Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Christmas Card!!!

This is our 2013 2012 (note the typo on the lower right corner of the card) Christmas card. We procrastinated big time this year and rushed through finishing it. Aedhun did not draw anything, bumber. It's not complete without him but Niki did draw his first Chrtistmas ornament which is the blue giraffe. I'm the koala bear obviously and Niki's the moose. The weird square headed dudes are Kason's drawings via Minecraft, Rhuelin's the turtle and Breelahn's the bumpy-looking cat behind the turtle. We sure do love doing these cards every year.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Breehlan Eating Dog Food in Hiding

Breelahn had a phase where she would eat the dog food from the dog dish (and drink from the water dish but that's a different story). Well, of course Niki and I would discourage it but Breelahn would take some food and hide in order to eat it without getting caught. When you're hungry ya gotta eat I guess. One day I noticed the dog's food dish competely gone and that Breelahn was inside a floor cubbart. I, of course, being the diligent father to guide and direct my child to eat correctly, went and got the camera. The resulting footage is as seen here. Enjoy, it's one of my home favorites.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Does a 1/4 Korean Red Head Baby Sound to you?

Niki, the tweo girls and I went out tonight to visit one of Niki's friends who just gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl named Aeowyn (sp?). Niki's friend is white and her husband is 1/2 Korean so their beautiful girl was born with wide eyes, brownish red hair and slightly bronzed skin. A beautiful daughter of God now begins the sojourn of her mortality. God bless her, the mother, and father.

Monday, July 9, 2012

He'll Be a Boy!!!

The title is a spinoff of "it's a boy!" after a baby is born. Baby boy's name a will be Aedhun Rean Zechiel. It's pronounced ("ay-din reign") and his name comes from his four siblings as well as Niki's cousin and husband. Aedhun's arrival sure did put Niki and I into a change of mind. We have both concluded that we will have no more babies. But, alas, God had other plans for us. While we are thrilled for his arrival and to be part of our family, I do think, for medical reasons, we'll make choices to prevent future conceptions. In the mean time, Niki and I hope and pray for a healthy baby boy.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

We are all Christmas ornaments this year hanging on a Christmas tree. Like all the years, we enjoyed making this christmas card. Here's what each of us drew and what we are.

Darren: The eagle. The eagle has always been my prefered symbolic animal for freedom. And, of course, true freedom is n Christ the Lord.

Niki: The chihuahua. Patterned after our dog Chisos.

Janisen: The kitty at the bottom right corner drining hot cocoa.

Kason: The "creeper". It's a character from the PC game Minecraft that he' recently taken a big interest in.

Rhuelin: The turtle placing an ornament on an ornament Christmas tree.

Breelahn: The frizzy kitty at he center of the picture.

All final editing and coloring done by Niki.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Cards

In 2003 Janisen was 5 and this was the first card we made. She drew the donkey, I drew Joseph and Niki drew Mary and the Christ child. Obviously this setting is post-birth of Jesus. Not the exact account of Joseph and Mary traveling to their birthplace to be taxed; but it worked for us nonetheless.

This first card of ours was such a smash hit with family, friends, and my coworkers that teir reaction inspired us to continue to make more and enough to share with others.

All I remember specifically about this card was that Kason drew the dinosaur on the bottom right corner on the picture. In 2004 made him 4 yearts old (his age is easy to keep track of) and he really liked dinosaurs at that time.
In 2005 Niki, Janisen, Kason and I drew ourselves as snowmen caroling in Houston.

Here we were as snowbirds in 2006. Breelahn was born that year and you see her in my wings. in the background you see actual pictures of my parents (left) and Niki's parents (right) converted as snowbirds themselves. My mother called us right after receiving this card via email and laughed hysterically.
Well, in 2007 we were all trees revering the Christ child.

Here's 2008 and there's snow!!! Well, at least in this card as opposed to reality in Houston. Come to think of it I think it did snow in 2009 in Houston. Regardless, I'm drawing a blank as to who drew what. Perhaps an update in the future will explain.

2009 was probably the most detailed Christmas card we made. Neat but it was lots of work, especially for Niki. Still, this is probably my favorite of all cards.

Now we're at this year's 2010 card. See HERE for details.

We look forward to creating these Christmas cards every year. Typically we begin around the end of October or early in November. We finish around the week before Christmas. By "we" I mean that while we all contribute to the end picture it is still Niki that does the final editting, background, and coloring of each card. Without her work and efforts I don't think these card would turn out as good as they do.
Merry Christmas and God bless.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Card

We have a great time creating our own homemade Christmas cards. We pick a different theme every year and this time it's creatures. Niki drew herself as a dragon (notice her accidentally burning a hole through the song book), I am the eagle on the branch above, Janisen is the white cat, Kason the turtle on the right with a Santa hat, Rhuelin, whole loves to copy his older brother, is the turtle on the left and Breelahn is the unicorn. We are all caroling and since this is somewhat of a fantasy theme, it's only appropriate for our family to say: Caroling you a "fantastic" Christmas.